Club By-Laws

Revised February 25, 2023


Article 1 - Name: The name of this organization shall be: PICKEREL/PEARSON WOLF RIVER RIDERS ATV CLUB

Article 2 - Purpose, Mission

Section 1. The purpose of the PICKEREL/PEARSON WOLF RIVER RIDERS ATV/UTV CLUB is to provide safe, well maintained ATV/UTV trails, to educate all ATV/UTV enthusiasts, to be aware of the impact of their actions on the environment, so that all can enjoy a positive ATV/UTV experience.

Section 2. The mission is to preserve and enhance ATV/UTV opportunities by working toward the promotion of a positive public image of the sport with land managers, government officials and the general public.

Article 3 - Membership:

Section 1. Membership in the club shall consist of the following categories:

A. Individual Adult =$10.00/season
B. Family =$20.00/season
C. Associate = $50.00/season

Section 2. Each adult active member shall be entitled to one vote.

Section 3. Members must pay annual club dues to: PICKEREL/PEARSON WOLF RIVER RIDERS ATV/UTV CLUB.

Membership is (January 1 - December 31).

Article 4 - Executive Board:

Section 1. The executive board shall have the ultimate authority for the direction and activities of this organization. The executive board shall not exceed $2,000.00 without the approval by its membership. The executive board shall consist of an odd number of persons. The executive board shall be comprised of the following:

A. The President
B. The Vice — President
C. The Secretary
D. The Treasurer
E. Up to 5 board members
F. Trail Boss, (Bosses)

Section 2. The executive board shall hold their positions on a Bi-Annual basis: Elections are to be held at the April meeting. At the end of the term the executive board members can accept another term, if elected. If insufficient members are elected, the President may appoint sufficient persons.

Section 3. Occasionally, issues may arise that will require immediate action. At which time, the President shall pole the executive board and take action on the matter as directed by a majority of the members of this board.

Article 5 - Duties of the Executive Board Persons

Section 1. The President shall have primary responsibility for the legal and financial affairs of this organization. The President can spend up to $200.00 without executive approval before reimbursement. The President shall preside at the meetings of the club and the executive committee. The President shall appoint ad-hoc committees as deemed necessary. The President shall vote only 1n the event of a tie breaker.

Section 2. The Vice President shall perform all the duties of the President, in the absence of the President.

Section 3. The Secretary shall keep a record of the meetings of the club. The Secretary shall be responsible for the legal records of this organization and perform other duties as generally fall to that office. A Secretary’s report shall be presented at each meeting and meeting minutes posted on clubs website.

Section 4. The Treasurer shall have primary responsibility for the financial records of the organization. The Treasurer shall oversee and record all collections of dues and all other monies due the club. The duties also include paying lawful expenses in a timely fashion. The Treasurer shall provide, and display, a financial report consisting of a detailed listing of all income and expenses, along with presenting a Treasurer’s report at each meeting. The Treasurer’s books shall be subject to an annual audit before the annual meeting in April by any adult member(s).

Section 5. The Board members duties shall] be determined by the executive committee.

Article 6 - Amendments

Section 1. Amendments or additions to the by-laws of this organization shall be made by majority vote of the membership present at the April meeting. Notice of a proposed change to the by-laws must be sent to all the members approximately two weeks prior to said meeting.

Article 7 - Fiscal Year:

Section 1. The fiscal year of the organization shall be calendar year from (March 1" of one year, through February28th or 29" of the following year.

Article 8 - Meetings

Section 1. Annual meeting. The annual meeting shall be held during The May meeting.

Section 2. Monthly meeting. The monthly meeting will be held the third Saturday of the month, during the mornings of March through September.